4 Events You Need for your 2021 Virtual Sales Kick Off

Planning your Virtual Sales Kickoff Event? Make sure your team is fired up with these engaging events! We know virtual is different, but that doesn’t mean bad, and it certainly doesn’t mean boring! Whether your in for a good laugh, some team-building, or an epic combination of the two, we’ve got you covered with these four amazing events.

But first, let’s talk goals! Typically, SKOs focus on one of four themes: celebration, motivation, change, or explanation. Figuring out what theme yours falls under will ensure that you pick the perfect team-building event.

  • Celebrate Your Success

    You know that feeling when you walk into a room, your Airpods blasting your boss b*tch playlist. You know, you look around the room see all eyes on you and slowly take off your shades to the beat drop? That’s the feeling this SKO is going to thrive off of. One of the best ways to motivate your team is acknowledging their successes. Focus on keeping this positive energy throughout the event, meaning the hype-level will need to be next-level. It’s okay, the Offsite team’s got you! Book events and team exercises that keep people entertained. This whole theme is about praising your companion’s success and focusing on how to continue it. Whether it’s beating your competitor, raising sales even further, or just taking a look back, we’re all about creating positive energy, enough to last for the rest of the year!

  • Motivate for the Future

    Don’t get me wrong we still want that immaculate, walking into a head-turning crowd feeling, but this theme will focus more on motivation then excitement. Think motivational speakers, goal-setting, and strategic planning. Basically this theme embraces Nike’s brand: just do it. Focus on the individual, find out what motivates them and how you can tailor upcoming projects to ensure maximum motivation. We want your team walking out refreshed and ready to conquer the world, or at least their to-do list.

  • Spice Things Up

    It’s time for change. You’re implementing new sales strategies and need to make sure the whole team is on board and ready to handle these “all-hands-on-deck” times. This change-focused SKO is just what you need! Invite experts to discuss the changes. Perhaps having a marketing professional speak on upping your branding and social media portfolio is just what your team needs. For this SKO, focus on making a game plan, creating team assignments and establishing goals for the future. Will your SKO be work-heavy? Maybe. But boring? Absolutely not, not with these events!

  • Just to Clarify

    Have recent changes left your team feeling disorganized? Sometimes it’s necessary to just regroup and make sure everyone's on the same page. After all, if your employees are feeling overwhelmed it’ll show in their work. Get a key company employee to speak and focus on transparency. Not only will it establish trust, but your employees will be grateful that you took the time to address their needs. And what better way to address questions and embrace community then with team building activities?

The energy this team brings to the table is next level. We had an engaging program outlined from the Offsite Co. that allowed us to connect over 40 remote employees that we’re able to form meaningful connections through online games, video challenges, trivia, and more.
— Callen Campagna

Now let’s get to it- the activities you’ve all been waiting for:


Lip Sync Karaoke

Time: 90 Minutes

Team Size: 40+

Facilitator: Yes

Price: $25/person

Nothing screams team-bonding like, well like literally tone-deaf screaming into a microphone, but you know in a cool way. Whether you’ve got the voice of Aretha Franklin or a cow giving birth, this is the perfect activity for your crew! We’ll start by splitting up into breakout groups of 8-10 people. Before your team’s big debut you’ll have time to pick a song, coordinate some dances and maybe even grab that feather boa from the top shelf of your closet. The best part? It’s lip-sync karaoke, no singing required, meaning you can give the performance of a life time and still save face in front of your boss. Seriously, leave them all wondering if you’re the next Mariah Carey.

This is the perfect event if you’re going for a celebration SKO theme. Not only will your team leave feeling reenergized, but nothing says praise like a good ‘ole fashion dance party!

Super fun way for the team to have a social event virtually!
— Michelle Armstrong


Escape Games

Time: 60 Minutes

Team Size: 25+

Facilitator: Yes

Price: $25/person

Need an escape? This epic team-building activity will transport you, literally. With friendly-competition and challenges designed to enforce engagement, it’s no secret why Escape Rooms are our go-to team-bonding event!

The hard part? Figuring out where you want to go. Embrace your inner explorer in a wild race to find gold and escape TREASURE MOUNTAIN before your co-workers. Or join us on an out-of-this-world experience, ALPHA CENTAURI. Hurry and be the first to get from Earth to Pluto in this adrenaline-filled race to meet a mad scientist and unlock the key to space exploration.

Focusing on team-building and embracing adjustments, it’s no wonder these escape rooms are our favorite events for SKOs that focus on change. If your team can take on the dark-depths of space, they’re ready to handle anything!


People Trivia

Time: 60 Minutes

Team Size: 40+

Facilitator: Yes

Price: $25/person

How well do you know your co-workers, really? Did you know that Leslie’s favorite artist is Kodak Black or that despite blaming it on his wife, Brad watches Keeping up with the Kardashians religiously? Didn’t think so. Get to know your company and coworkers on another level with People Trivia. By the end of this event you’ll leave feeling closer than ever and with a handful of new inside-jokes.

Community, transparency, and team-building. You guessed it People Trivia is the perfect event for an explanation SKO. I mean can your employees really leave feeling overwhelmed when they just found out about Brad’s Kardashian obsession?

Mat has done an amazing job alongside his team creating fun and engaging games. We ran two games, one with 50+ people across 3 offices and one with 20+ people across two offices, and the experience was outstanding.
— David Lee


Scavenger Stacks

Time: 60 Minutes

Team Size: 40+

Facilitator: Yes

Price: $25/person

A personalized scavenger hunt? Yes, please! What better way to kick-back with your coworkers and get motivated for the future than by kicking it ‘ole school with a scavenger hunt. Only this scavenger hunt isn’t your traditional summer camp one. Offsite is designing custom categories specific to your team and culture. And that’s what team-building done right looks like!

Do we even have to explain why this scavenger hunt is the perfect event for an SKO focused on motivation? Think of goal-setting like a scavenger hunt. Your team is literally looking to find/hit their goals. Need to hit a certain number of sales? Check behind the couch, you might find it.

Whether you’re looking to let lose and give the show of a life time or just find out new things about your coworkers, we’ve got you covered. Schedule an appointment to start planning your epic event, designed to make any SKO the talk of your industry!

Taylor Moreno