I’m planning a company retreat, How many nights should we go for?

So you’ve got some epic team bonding in the works? But how long do you need for an unforgettable event?

Well, it all depends on the destination. So let’s start there…or you can feed your need for instant gratification and skip to the answer.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when looking at venues:


While we’re all about team bonding, no one wants to feel too cozy on a retreat. It’s about finding the balance. Make sure everyone gets their own room and enough personal space, while also having enough common areas for team bonding. These common areas can be meeting rooms, fireplaces, pools, or even just a big enough yard space. This way your team, no matter how many people show, will leave both feeling closer than ever before but also have had time to relax. After all, how often do you get time away from kids’ soccer games and the countless home renovations?


If your team is flying, make sure your venue is close to an airport. We recommend no more than a two-hour drive. Sure, a rustic, glamping retreat is a crowd favorite, but no one wants to drive five hours to get to that chic venue.

Another important thing to consider is flight time. How long is everyone willing to travel? Are direct flights available?

Pro-tip: The most direct flights to destinations tend to be on Saturdays. 

Bonus pro-tip🤩: You can use this amazing location finder, to find places with optimal travel times

When it comes to transportation, timing is everything. If possible try to coordinate flights so that everyone arrives at similar times. This way you can reduce transportation costs to and from the airport and cut back on general chaos.

And the last thing you need to consider for transportation is should you rent a car or a shuttle bus?

If you’re sticking to a resort shuttle is fine, since you typically won’t be leaving the venue.


If you’re taking it overseas, there’s a lot more paperwork to consider. Does everyone have a passport? Are visas necessary? If so how long will it take to acquire a visa?

Whether you, not your retreat is international, you also need to consider COVID tests and health regulations. Yup, this is a pandemic world we’re leaving in, so there might even more health regulations in place.

Money, Money

Budget is everything for retreat. And you want to make sure your dream venue and ideal duration align. After all, that beach bungalow in Hawaii may seem like a tropical oasis, but if you can only afford one night the jet lag might transform it into a faraway nap destination. Before you book a venue, check out our budgeting tips or just book a call with the professionals.

So how long should your retreat be?

Short answer: 3 nights.

But as we all know retreats are never as simple as they seem, so let’s break it down a bit best on destination/type of team. What type of team are you?

Domestic team (not remote or mostly not remote) -> 2 nights

Since your team is domestic and used to hanging out you can keep this retreat short and sweet. We recommend two nights with a venue that’s within two hours of your departure area.

Domestic (remote) -> 3 nights

If more than 50% of the people are getting on a plane, it’s best to plan for three nights with a venue that’s not more than an hour and a half from the local airport.

International (remote) -> 3-4 nights 

If almost the entire team is headed overseas, account for jetlag and travel time with a four-night retreat and a venue close to the local airport.

Now that you’ve picked a duration, it’s time to get to the fun part of retreat planning! Make sure you don’t forget anything with our ultimate retreat planning guide.

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Taylor Moreno