Simplified and Streamlined Retreat Planning


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Our mission is to design high-impact experiences that connect colleagues as humans.

Through thousands of hours of offsite and retreat planning for clients across the country, we have developed a streamlined and simplified process that takes all of the research, planning and logistics off of your plate while delivering an elevated experience for your people.


We’re a fully distributed team offering 24/7 support on every project.

Every project we take on has its unique set of challengers, deadlines and deliverables. Our remote team of experience designers, on-site event directors and support ninja’s are available anytime to assure you that your project is on-time and under-budget.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment begins and ends with designing impactful experiences that bring people together. That commitment has helped us focus entirely on each clients unique set of goals and challenges. Our passion is in seeing the impact that a well designed offsite has on a company and its culture. From supporting Office Managers or newly funded Founders or to the Head of Culture and People Operations at publicly traded companies; our process is the same. We exist to simplify and streamline the planning process for leaders looking to foster and promote truly connected company cultures.