23 team bonding activities for the new year

And just like that, it’s 2022. A new year means new team bonding. Whatever your resolutions are these epic activities, will leave your team filling closer than ever!

But first what Type of Event are you looking for?

Don’t Stop Me Now

These goal-oriented events are perfect for reoccurring fun. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, you won’t be able to get enough of these events.

Having a Good Time

These one-hit wonders will leave your team raving about team bonding for weeks to come. Seriously, you won’t be able to keep them away.


We’re talking EPIC Events. These aren’t for the faint of heart. Think your team can handle it?



1.Hack Day

Let’s face it, sh*t piles up. Especially during the holidays. Between work parties, secret Santas and an endless supplies of out-of-office emails, tasks get lost. And while they may be easy to forget about while snacking on some leftover cookies, we’re owning the new year. And that’s just what a hack day is all about- catching up on all those emails and miscileneous tasks you fell behind on. Be proactive and schedule hack days through out the year, we recommend having them anywhere between quarterly and monthly.

2. Step Contest

Let me guess, your New Years resolution has something to do with health and fitness? Trust me, you’re not alone, so make it a team effort. A step contest is an easy and fun way to get the whole team involved. It’s simple set a timeframe (we recommend a month) and split your team into groups. Whichever group has the highest step count at the end of the contest wins! You can even use different apps like this zombie apocalypse-inspired one to motivate your team.

3. Intramural Sports

Speaking of step count, why have this be a solo expedition? Even if your goal is to keep that awesome office bod (you know the one sponsored by the peppermint York patties that sit in your snack drawer) sports can still be part of the agenda. It’s a great way to let off steam, connect with team mates and hey an excuse to treat yourself to the holiday party leftovers.

4. Company Playlists

And of course while your embracing your olympian bod, you’re going to need an amazing playlist. While the company playlist can just be a one-time event where everyone adds their Spotify top songs, it’s best if you continue to add to it all year long. Not only is it the perfect excuse for mini dance breaks, but it’'ll inspire conversation. Whether that’s “I love Queen, too” or “why the heck did you add Nobody’s Perfect,” will depend on the playlist.

5. Potluck

Every southern’s ladies advice “food is the way to one’s heart.” And you know what, they’re not wrong. Why do you think Santa’s so jolly? Keep your team happy with monthly meals. The best are in-persons where everyone brings their favorite dish, but virtual meals will suffice. Just make sure to send out gift cards to your employee’s favorite restaurants ahead of time.

6. Wall of Wins

“WINNING”- Charlie Sheen

We all deserve that level of confidence, so make sure your employees know they’re appreciated with a “wall of wins”. Or in 2022 case, a slack channel. Anytime an employee exceeds, let the team know. Don’t be afraid to get personal, while it can be that they met their sales target and can also just be that they’ve been a supportive teammate.


7. Chopped Cocktail

You open the basket and in it is a jalapeno, tequila, and some Christmas cookie sugar. “Well, sh—- sugar cookies.” It’s time for Chopped Cocktail. You have exactly 30 minutes to prepare a drink that will wow the judges. You spend a minute sweating, but then it hits you-the perfect drink. Time flies in a haze of frantic mixing and funny quips at coworkers and before you know it you’re standing in front of the judges. I present you with “A spicy margarita, jalapeno peppers add the perfect spice with a sugared rim to balance it all out”.

8. Dundies

Let's start the new year off with some good vibes. We’re talking Micheal Scott-level good vibes. That’s right coming to an office near you, for one night and one night one…THE DUNDIES. So grab your trophies, it’s time to give out some office superlatives. Although you might want to think a little bit above the “whitest sneakers” and “don’t go in there after me” award, but we’ll leave that up to you.

9. Dog Dundies

What did you think Dundies were secretly a human-based event? Heck no. Why not give the people what they want: a chance to show off their pride and joy- their kids- the furry one that is. I mean the number of times Lynn mentions Mr. Snuggles, he might as well have an award. Now he can. Awards can stem from “best snoot” to “highest pitch bark” or “best cat loaf.” All pets are welcomed.

10. Escape Room

It’s no secret that escape rooms are our absolute favorite, but seriously nothing screams bonding like getting stuck in a room together. After all, a team, that escapes together stays together. Didn't you learn anything from hunger games? Don’t worry though, ours are far less dangerous. From space escapes to Indian Jones’s latest adventure, we’ve got you covered.

11. Nerf War

The bullet pierces the air, a hallow silence coats the sky.

Don’t worry it’s a Nerf bullet…we haven’t gotten to the supersonic events yet;). But what better way to spice up a work meeting with some adrenaline? It’s like tag, but with foam bullets- keyword foam. And the best part? This is an in-person socially distance event…say goodbye to zoom fatigue.

12. Tarot Readings

New year, new beginnings. But don’t be taken too off guard-2021 was scary enough. Make sure your future is everything you want it to be with company tarot card readings. I mean who wouldn’t want to start the new year with a cleansed aura?

13. Coffee Ground reading

Perhaps after having TikTok tell you that “last year was going to be your best year” you’re a bit skeptical of tarot. We don’t blame you. You can still have the same effect with coffee ground readings. For added fun, take a class so you can swap reading each other grounds at your next coffee catchup! For the full experience, make sure to equip your staff with Turkish coffee, you can thank us later.

14. Karoake

“La la la LAAAAAA” *a terrible screech comes from the room next door

“Oh sorry, we were just warming up. You know getting those vocals ready.” *mumbled response "Oh, there’s no singing required…that’s awkward. It’s okay, we’ll just have to go extra hard with our performance.”

Whether you’re Freddy Mercury or “not completely warmed up” we can’t wait for the epic team bonding that takes place during this event.

15. Blind Fold Food Test

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again “food is the way to someone’s heart”. But what if you don’t know what you’re eating? Could it also ensure endless laughter? This event could! Set out a row of cups, each field with different food combinations. Then blindfold the contest and have them guess what they’re tasting. Could it be cake batter mixed with pickles…or worse?


16. Elephant Care

Whether you have the memory of an elephant or not this event is unforgettable. Word with attendees to feed, clean, and play with elephants. We’re pretty sure this event speaks for itself, but if not just imagine the photos you’ll get for your corporate socials!

17. Circus Class

Juggling, tightwire, trapeze, what more could you want? While you might not be ready to take on Cirque de Soleil, this circus class will prep you will all the necessary basics. And who doesn’t want to work alongside a team full of bad*sses?

18. Plane Simulation

“Mayday, Mayday.”

The plane shakes waking you from your nap. The flight attendant desperately tries to calm everyone. The person next to you hyperventilates in a brown paper bag; a baby screeches from somewhere behind you. And suddenly the lights turn off and the plane begins to fall.

…but you’re prepared. After all, you took that plane crash survival course last month for team building. The one that taught you about raft evacuations, floatation devices, and underwater escape.

19. Ghostflix

You know that feeling when you lying in bed and you can’t help but feel that you’re not alone. Sure, your husband is out of town and the kids are staying at your mom's, but your mind wanders. Was that a creek? Is someone walking up the stairs? No, couldn’t be. It’s just your imagination, right?

Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s something more. There’s only one way to find out.

20. Flashmob

Something even scarier than ghosts…public humiliation. We’re offering you a way to face your biggest fear with this team bonding event. And hey, you won’t be the only one. That’s right, we’re talking flashmobs. After putting together and having practiced your dance number, your team will meet in a public space. Make sure not to show up together. And then, all at once, it happens. You merge and put on the show of your life!

21. Corporate Castaway

Have you ever wanted to be on Survivor, but didn’t think you had what it takes? Here’s where you find out. It’s like a field day, but adult addition. May the odds be ever in your favor.

22. Ice Crafting

Ice, Ice baby. While all the other team bonding may help you chase away the winter blues this one will have you embracing your inner Elsa. Unlike Survivor, this is less of a test of physical endurance and more about mental stamina.

23. Sumo Wrestling

And lastly, we present to you some good ole fashion fun. That’s right we’re talking sumo-wrestling! Not what you were expecting? But still fun. Seriously, we could all use a way to let off some stress, and what better way than climbing into a blow-up suit and running into someone?

Thanks for sticking around. Make sure to tag @theoffsiteco if you try any of these epic events!

*bonus points to anyone who picked up on the queen references, you’re a real one;)

Taylor Moreno