15 Remote First Company Virtual Event Ideas

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By now the office trivia is getting to be a bit dull. I mean, seriously, how many times can you play two truths and a lie to find out that surprise, surprise, Kevin has three cats not two. Before you pretend that the zoom invite for Friday’s company happy hour got buried in your email, let’s take a look at some epic virtual events that will have your team asking for the next one. Heck, we’ll even supply you with a list of icebreakers that is sure to transform any bland event!


Pack your bags! This event while have you singing La Vie en Rose and craving a baguette. Yup, you guessed it, we’re picnicing in Paris…that is virtually of course. Complete with a Parisian tour guide to teach you about French culture as you snack on a basket of curated delicacies!


While we’re a bit partial to French wine and red barets, you don’t just have to go around the globe to take an epic tour. Instead perhaps we should take a time machine. To when? 1713, also known as the time of the Black Plague. Okay, okay, we know it’s a bit of a touchy subject, but hear us out- midevil hospital and plague masks! Still not feeling the gothic love? It’s okay we can keep it simple and stick to some museum tours, instead.


There’s a reason your mom was adamant about weekly family game night: they scream bonding. Even if your younger sister is a bit too competitive. Bring this same level of bonding to your team. Of course, you can stick to the basic- scrabble, uno, you know the drill-but you can also spice it up with JackBox. Our favorite game has to be Split the Room, where you’re forced into some major team bonding with discussion over absurd hypothetical questions.


Speaking of games, the ultimately game is the game of survival. Whether you’re role-playing as Nicholas Cage while hunting for treasure or trying not to reenact Gravity as your soar amongst the stars, escape rooms will have your team working together to beat the clock! I mean can you really call yourself teammates if you have searched for gold together?

Mathew was an amazing facilitator! He was fun, easy to follow and made the even feel very special. We will definitely be coming back to The Offsite Co. for more adventures thanks to Mat.


While you might not be nostalgic for middle school hallways and suspicious sloppy Joe lunches, there was something enchanting about learning something new every day. After weeks of repeated tasks work can start to feel stagnant, so get your employees excited with the opportunity to learn new things with monthly learning lunches. While it can be company specific trainings, it can also just be subjects that the team agreed they wanted to learn about. A class in social media marketing or underwater basket weaving? We’ll leave that up to you.


Is your company full of tree-huggers? Then we have the perfect topic for your next Learning Lunch: a composting class. Not only will your team leave feeling closer than ever, but they’ll also feel close to their values.


We know about that stack of books piling up. The one tucked shamelessly in the corner by your nightstand. The one you look at every Monday night and sigh before turning on the Bachelor. There’s no shame, everyone’s got one, which is why starting a Book Club is the perfect team bonding activity! While you may want to start with the titles that haunt your bedroom corner, you can also pick from favorites of other popular book clubs, like Reese Witherspoon’s or Oprah’s.


Okay, before you get to triggered by March 2020 flashbacks, we’re not suggesting partaking in another Chloe Ting challenge. We’re not that cruel. You can start with something simple like a steps challenge, having your coworkers compete either against their daily goals or each other. You can also integrate it into your work schedule. Perhaps setting up Movement Mondays, where the first Monday of every month the office attends a virtual workout class. Just make sure it’s beginner friendly, perhaps starting with mindfulness yoga instead of aerial yoga!


This one is for both the people who happen to belt Last Christmas a bit too enthusiastically at the office holiday party and their coworkers who then have to give an awkward smile and say something along the lines of “oh wow, I didn’t know you could sing.” We don’t care if your voice resembles Mariah Carrey or the raccoons searching for scraps outside her house. This event is for everyone: spotlight seekers and those who prefer the comfort of backup dancing.

This was a super fun team event! After a long day of Zoom meetings, Mathew brought great energy and fun to help us close out the day.
— Danielle Grant


We’re taking 5 O’Clock somewhere to the nth degree with this team bonding experience! While you’re team might not be located in the same city, you’ll still get to experience local events as if you were. With these brew tours, you’ll get to experience the city’s culture… and by culture we mean beer selection. What can we say we’re a company of simple pleasures?

If you’re looking to go all the way with this event, you can even add a theme, even one as contradictory as the 1920s. And for an option more appropriate for work hours, you can opt for a less alcoholic brew tour.


Perhaps your team is more of the hands-on type or perhaps the “don’t take drinks from strangers” mentality really set in. Either way, you can opt for a mixology class instead! With a kit shipped straight to your doorsteps of ingredients for seasonal sips, what’s not to love?


It was in fact, Professor Plum in the conservatory with a candlestick…or was it? While we can’t guarantee that you’ll guess the murder correctly, we can guarantee that your team will be engaged throughout the whole event! Whether you choose to investigate through an app or book an event like this 80s prom night gone wrong your team will leave feeling closer than ever!


And for a more wholesome activity to get rid of all that bad murder energy, let’s take it back to the 90s with these crafty classics. Wasn’t it easier when trading friendships bracelets meant you made life-long friends? That’s the kind of energy we’re trying to exude with this team-bonding event. We’re talking tie-dying, friendship bracelets, heck, maybe even some finger-painting if you’re feeling a little wild. Grab your team and all the essentials and get to crafting!

14. RUBE

It’s like dominos, but better. Way better. We’re talking soda boxes, your kids toy train, and whatever household items you can find! Because it’s not just building things, it’s building your team.

Thank you Todd and The Offsite Co. team for running this event. We did A LOT of trivia last year and we were a bit hesitant for another round. You all created a unique and fun environment for our team and it really came together better than I could have ever hoped.
— Sophia Mandemar


Grandma knows, nothing screams appreciation like homemade cookies! Although, if we’re going to be honest, a lot of us have probably gotten a little to comfortable with the slide and bake method. No worries, that’s way you’ll have a guide to help you through it. Seriously, we cannot mix up the Baking Soda and Baking Power again.


Team bonding-it’s in the cards! Let’s be honest, one of the things that brings people together like Elmers Glue is gossip… even more so when it’s gossip about their future. Is it true that Cameron’s destined to win the lottery on the day before his 47 birthday? What about John’s weird superstition about bridges? Let’s find out with a company tarot reading!

We can’t wait to see your team-bonding get brought to the next level! Make sure to tag @theoffsite in photos from your epic event.

Taylor Moreno