The ropes course, the human knot, two truths and a lie, we’ve seen it all, and more. However, some are more of a success than others, so we thought we sit down and share our favorite team bonding activities that make for an epic experience!


energy level: medium

Remember that game you used to play as a child, the floor is lava. It’s like that, only the floor is a minefield with obstacles… and you’re blindfolded. Sure it may look like your standard office floor scattered with t-shirts from last year's retreat and reams of paper, but it’s more than that. It’s a minefield. Luckily you’ve got your partner to direct you.

Whoever reaches the finish line first wins… but be warned step on a mine and you have to restart.

2. The Office-Style Office Mockumentary

energy level: medium

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky”- Micheal Scott

In true Micheal Scott fashion, we’re breaking out the cameras…or iPhones… for this epic team-building event. While you can opt for a script, the premiere will be even more entertaining if you let your employees free-flow. Start by filming a group activity. Perhaps it’s a meeting or a team bonding event…maybe even a CPR class in true Office style. Then have each employee break out for their one-on-one. They can share their thoughts on the event or spill their office secrets, like who is the candy bowl thief.


energy level: high

The guns are loaded and tension coats the air like a heavy fog. Two teams. Two flags. One victor. Okay, before we get too lost in the dramatics, I guess we could explain. It’s a classic game of capture the flag, but with bullets. Don’t worry, foam bullets. The goal is to steal the other team’s flag. Sounds simple enough, but is it really when guns are blazing and a single hit means you’re out of the game?


energy level: medium

If you’ve read some of our other team-building blog posts you’ve probably heard us talk about escape rooms, but we can’t help it, they’re that epic. Like, nerf wars they have the same kind of survival instincts that bring a team together, but without physical exertion. And after all, who doesn’t want to pretend they’re a treasure hunter or a space cadet?

Mathew was an amazing facilitator! He was fun, easy to follow and made the even feel very special. We will definitely be coming back to The Offsite Co. for more adventures thanks to Mat.


energy level: low

Sure you could stick to your monthly Skillshare subscription or you could just make learning a part of your next retreat! While we’re a huge fan of the classics- and by classics, we mean something along the lines of marketing or mixology classes- take time to get to know the city you're visiting. Perhaps there’s a local dance class or a walking tour that highlights local ghost lore!


energy level: extremely high 

Okay, this type of activity isn’t for the faint of heart. The point of this activity is to have your teammates face their fears, literally. While you can go wild with sky-diving, Heli-skiing, and anything in between you can also take a more tamed route like holding a boa constrictor at the zoo or singing in front of an audience. Not only is facing your fears Heli-rewarding (get it heliskiing?), but it also helps to bring your team together. I mean how many other teams can say they’ve experienced a “near-death” event together?

7. Alien Peanut Butter

energy level: low

Okay, after the last suggestion we figured we’d hit you with something a lot less intense: like peanut butter… and aliens. Wait, before you think we’re too crazy, I promise you can do this one sitting down. The premise of the game is to take a simple task, like making a PB&J sandwich, and try to explain it to an alien. Seriously, how do you explain peanut butter to an alien? We still don’t know, but the attempts are ridiculously hilarious. And after hearing everyone’s pitch you can vote for who did it best. 


energy level: high

It’s like Nerf War only with a bit more at stake, that is getting paint stains. While we can’t promise that you’ll leave crowned victor instead of covered in paint splatters, we tell you that you’ll leave closer to your coworkers.


energy level: medium

This one is for both the people who happen to belt Last Christmas a bit too enthusiastically at the office holiday party and their coworkers who then have to give an awkward smile and say something along the lines of “oh wow, I didn’t know you could sing.” We don’t care if your voice resembles Mariah Carrey or the raccoons searching for scraps outside her house. This event is for everyone: spotlight seekers and those who prefer the comfort of backup dancing.

This was a super fun team event! After a long day of Zoom meetings, Mathew brought great energy and fun to help us close out the day.
— Danielle Grant


energy level: high

We’re taking 5 O’Clock somewhere to the nth degree with this team bonding experience! While your team might not be located in the same city, you’ll still get to experience local events as if you were. With these brew tours, you’ll get to experience the city’s culture… and by culture, we mean beer selection. What can we say we’re a company of simple pleasures? 

If you’re looking to go all the way with this event, you can even add a theme, even one as contradictory as the 1920s. And for an option more appropriate for work hours, you can opt for a less alcoholic brew tour.


energy level: medium

Perhaps your team is more of the hands-on type or perhaps the “don’t take drinks from strangers” mentality really set in. Either way, you can opt for a mixology class instead! With a kit shipped straight to your doorsteps of ingredients for seasonal sips, what’s not to love?


energy level: high

It was in fact, Professor Plum in the conservatory with a candlestick…or was it? While we can’t guarantee that you’ll guess the murder correctly, we can guarantee that your team will be engaged throughout the whole event! Whether you choose to investigate through an app or book an event like this 80s prom night gone wrong your team will leave feeling closer than ever!


energy level: medium

This activity is best at a local virtual-reality arcade. However, it can also take place in a room where people play on their smartphones. The idea is that people are assigned numbers and these numbers are drawn randomly to form teams.

However, the team members are not revealed to the people. Only the organizer knows. Instead, people must go around the room as people play games and help people they think might be on their team. At the end of the activity, the team with the highest score wins.


energy level: medium

Calling all my dystopian fans, mockingjays, and handmaids alike. Start by dividing into two teams: the Capitol and the rebels. Then split up and make a game plan. Capitol, how will you stop the rebels? Perhaps another Hunger Games? Rebels, what’s the next move? How do we bring down the capital?

Then it’s time for battle, accept the biggest weapon here is your imagination. Does anyone else feel like I just quoted one of those inspirational posters hanging in a third-grade classroom? Anyways, I digress. In a D&D way, you’ll be able to discuss your moves and a moderator will decide who wins the battles.

So be as creative as possible, because if we burn you burn with us.

Thank you Todd and The Offsite Co. team for running this event. We did A LOT of trivia last year and we were a bit hesitant for another round. You all created a unique and fun environment for our team and it really came together better than I could have ever hoped.
— Sophia Mandemar


energy level: medium

This activity is similar to apocalypse without all the doom, gloom, and general death of dystopian. Well, I guess that depends on what your sense of humor is. You can take a Skillshare class or hire a company like Let’s Roam to hosts an improv class.


energy level: high

As Van Halen puts it, “jump.” Get all that workplace stress out in a trampoline park. If you need any instructions on how to run this event, just listen to the song.

17. Silent Disco

energy level: medium

It’s like a dance party, except you’re not subject to your boss's *interesting* playlist. Instead, everyone brings their own headphones and playlists. Watch as Leonard sways to his classical jazz while Susan throws it back to some Doja Cat and Trisha rips on the air guitar for ACDC. Of course, all you’ll see is the chaotic symphony of dance moves. Bonus points if you encourage everyone to come dressed as their favorite artists. We want to see the afros of the 70s and dark eyeliner and fishnet tights of the 2000s.


energy level: high

We all remember the excitement of elementary school field days. From potato sack races to enjoying a nice freeze-pop for all your efforts, that’s the kind of energy with enacting at this epic team-bonding event! Of course, you can start with the basics a friendly game of kickball, maybe even an egg toss, but you can also stick to low-energy activities like corn hole or bocce ball.


energy level: medium

The arctic snow bites at your fingertips leaving a purple sea in its wake. The frostbite is starting to set in and with your team suffering from snow blindness, it’s not looking too good. Your only hope now is to build a shelter. But with the frostbite leaving you immobile and the snow blind the rest of the group, you’re going to have to work as a team. While the team leader can’t physically help, they can direct. Race against the snow, and the other teams, to build your shelter.

20. Food Truck Mayhem

energy level: high

Take Grandma’s advice and win over your employee's heart with food, but why choose just one cuisine? And before your say potluck, while you’re on the right track, let’s be honest, no one’s in the mood to cook. Yup, we’re talking about food trucks. It’s perfect for getting everyone excited and creating a festival atmosphere.

*Top tip: make sure to consider food allergies and restrictions when picking food trucks

We can’t wait to see your team-bonding get brought to the next level! Make sure to tag @theoffsite in photos from your epic event. 

Taylor Moreno